"Known or Unknown" Cargo?

Known or Unknown Cargo

"Fast Forward Freight’s fully integrated scanning method"

As per April of last year a DRAMATIC IMPACT occurred with the change in the regulations of "Known" and "Unknown" shippers. This had a great impact for the Shipper and their Forwarder. Since this change in regulations all shippers are automatically classified "UNKNOWN" unless they have been physically audited and approved by EEC Authorities and entered as "KNOWN" in the EEU database. See EU regulation 185/201

The new regulations came into force on 29 April 2010. However at the time "known consignors/shippers” were granted a transition phase of three-years. But this ended! The new regulations have very strict compliance rules and for a lot of companies it is no longer economically viable or able for them to comply. Therefore they will automatically lose their "secure" status and all their cargo will revert to "unsecured". Meaning they need an additional safety check by a 3rd party. Causing delay and adding cost for their client!

Realizing the impact and disruption this would have, and being a responsible logistics partner towards our clients, Fast Forward Freight was one of the first service providers at Schiphol who took the initiative and measures to integrate an in-house, state of the art X-ray freight screening solution for air cargo. This makes sure our customers cargo will not delay and that their costs will not increase:

  • This screening method covers 100% of the freight without any exception!
  • The system reduces the need to unpack contents for inspection, accelerating screening of consolidated cargo in skids and pallets, while maintaining the highest levels of security.
  • With high-powered scanning, convenient operator controls and real-time image manipulation, operators have the comprehensive information and tools needed to quickly identify explosives, weapons, drugs and misrepresented goods.
  • Operator proficiency is also ensured with the Threat Image Projection (TIP) feature.

Benefits for our customers:

  • FFF will make your shipments "known" for the carrier.
  • No delays and faster circulation times.
  • Ensuring that all regulations are met.
  • Original packaging does not have to be taken apart or changed.
  • We can offer all cargo dimensions.

For more info or advice contact our sales department: +31 (0)20 5000 360 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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