Community Trust Supports Palletforce With Jabs

Palletforce’s partnership with both Burton Albion FC and the Burton Albion Community Trust (BACT) led to employees being given the chance to get their Covid vaccinations early.

Burton Albion’s Pirelli Stadium home became a vaccination centre in December and hit the landmark of 100,000 people vaccinated in June.

Among those 100,000 were many Palletforce workers.

As a sponsor, Palletforce has worked hard over the past couple of years to strengthen its relationship with both the football club and the community trust to get more involved and provide additional support where needed.

The vaccination centre is now entirely staffed by BACT volunteers and when, in May, they had spare capacity they contacted Palletforce to encourage staff to get jabbed.

Jenni Champions Fitness & Movement Benefits

EV Cargo Global Forwarding HR Manager Jenni Wilkes is hoping she can inspire other desk-bound colleagues to get moving and get fitter.

Jenni is a qualified fitness instructor and teaches six classes a week at her local leisure centre. She recently held a lunchtime session for colleagues.

She says: “I discovered a love for exercise about seven years ago when I attended my first ever bootcamp class. It was such a tough class but the feeling afterwards was great and I knew this was something I wanted to continue.

“I took the opportunity to qualify as a fitness instructor four years ago so I could share my passion for health and fitness and motivate others to reach their goals. I also wanted to promote self-wellness too as I really do believe that we should all be happy and confident.”

Jenni held the lunchtime fitness class to show colleagues the difference  a low-impact exercise session can make.

“I did this class as part of On Your Feet Britain Day, as this was all about moving more and I wanted to give everyone a taster of a low-impact class that was suitable for all abilities. I am so passionate about this I wanted to share it.

“It was really well received and I think a few were surprised that even though it was low impact it gave them a really good work out. It really doesn’t have to be high impact to make a difference.”

Jenni believes small changes to people’s daily routines while working can make a big difference to their wellbeing.

“I always recommend trying to move as much as possible and walking is a great cardiovascular exercise so you could take the stairs or walk to the person you want to speak to instead of calling or emailing them.

“I know that this has been difficult recently as lots of us have been working from home but I have found that going for a quick 20-minute walk at lunchtime has been great. It’s lovely to get some fresh air and exercise all in one go.

“Also, instead of sitting, stand when you can to increase your caloric expenditure.

Walking can be underestimated but it really is one of the best forms of exercise as its low impact, so kind to your joints.”

Jenni says running the classes helps her to relax after work.

“After a day working 9-5 it’s great to either do an online yoga or pilates class, a high-intensity interval training class or go for a run.

“It gives me that ‘me time’ where I can unwind. Also, as I know what exercises are good to alleviate the day-to-day stresses, I can incorporate these into my daily routines.

“And as we get older we need to make sure we are keeping our bones healthy and strong and there’s no better way than exercise.”

Kelly Races To Raise Funds For Canine Charities

EV Cargo Logistics Planning Team Leader Kelly Race has been raising money for three dog rescue centres… by taking herself for walkies.

Kelly set herself the challenge of completing 100k in May to help the centres, which have been hit by the pandemic preventing any of their usual fundraising events from going ahead.

Kelly joked: “As some of you will know, I’m super lazy, with stupid, short legs, so this has been quite a challenge for me.”

Kelly has been accompanied by her dog Chuck – who came from Babbington, one of the rescue centres Kelly is supporting – for the challenge and her Just Giving page is still open for donations.

“If you are able to, I would really appreciate any donations you are able to give. It would really help the organisations to look after, rescue and rehome more dogs in need.

“A lot of the time they take on dogs who need additional care, so they need money for vets’ bills, as well as the food bills, staff wages etc,” she said.

Kelly is raising funds for Galgos Del Sol, Babbington Rescue and Chesterfield Animal Rescue and her Just Giving page is available here.

Technology Blogs Help Colleagues Share Knowledge Across Business

The team at EV Cargo Technology has been working on a series of blogs to showcase their expertise across a range of roles.

They are releasing two per month to shine light on all aspects of their work.

The blogs help to keep EV Cargo’s communications relevant and give employees the opportunity to share their opinions and knowledge with colleagues across the business.

Topics already covered in the blog include how to get value and insights out of real-time data, how the pandemic has made customers more digitally savvy, the ‘new normal’ and the work of the application support team.

People Partner Jonathan Glibbery said: “I wrote the blog as there has been a lot of discussion about the ‘new normal’ and the new way of working, and a lot of the conversations deal with what the employer wants, not what would be best for the employee. I felt it was important to address the issue on behalf of the employee.”

Customer Success Manager Martin Grocock said: “I wanted to give an overview of what we do as an Application Support team. It’s great when you get a shiny new software product to use, but it’s vitally important that the product is backed up with high-quality support when you need a helping hand. That’s what we strive to do as a team, so it was good to be able to share it with a wider audience.”

Key Account Director Australia & New Zealand Aitor Marroquin added: “With such great people working across EV Cargo in a variety of roles and with different backgrounds, it is important to share our knowledge within the business but also externally. Our industry experience is one of our unique selling points and the more we can share and demonstrate our knowledge the better.”

If you are interested in writing a blog, please contact the marketing team at marketing@www.fastforwardfreight.com for more information.

Andrew’s Multimodal Experience On Land, Sea & Air

The logistics industry should provide few problems to Andrew Penny – he’s used to planning routes on land, air and sea.

Travel, transport and driving have been life-long multimodal passions for Palletforce’s head of logistics.

His love of sailing has seen him compete in both the Tall Ships Race and the Round the Island race, where 1,500+ yachts race around the Isle of Wight.

“It’s quite a sight,” said Andrew, who has been with Palletforce for two-and-a-half years. “We did it in just over nine hours.

“Having qualified with the Royal Yachting Association to Yachtmaster level, my wife and I now own a motor cruiser that we have named YOLO, as you do only live once, and spend most weekends on the Norfolk Broads or North Sea and English Channel coastlines.”

And he doesn’t just gain inspiration from sailing or driving – his national management roles see him covering more than 60,000 miles a year and he holds a class 1 HGV licence, which he has used to gain experience with several companies – he can take to the skies too.

“In 2000, I managed to tick flying off my bucket list, and gained my Private Pilot’s Licence and spent many an hour flying around Cornwall, where I lived at the time,” he added.

Litter Pick Part Of Community & Charity Support

Members of EV Cargo Global Forwarding’s Supply Chain Management team have been boosting both their mental health and their local environment.

They organised and took part in a litter pick to coincide with World Earth Day.

Account director Brian Riddell said: “This got all the members of the team out of their houses and away from the many Teams calls we have become used to in recent months, while cleaning up our local environment.”

The team have taken part in a number of charity activities to give something back to their communities and help their own mental wellbeing. They have raised more than £6,000 for the foundation set up for former colleague Mark Edwards.

Brian added: “As a director in Supply Chain Management I am only as good as the team I have around me.

“While my main role is driving efficiency and innovation in our customers’ supply chains, the wellbeing of the team is a huge motivation for me. We never forget that our biggest strength is our people.”

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